Best Of Red Sea, South Marine Park
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Why do divers choose Best of Red Sea, south Marine Park itinerary?

The best of the southern red sea combined in one Tour! (13 diving days, 14 nights aboard)

More time to explore the diving spots, most sites are less crowded.

Everyone finds  happiness between  big blue and reefs diving

Unforgettable, unique and sensational trip assured!

Best of Red Sea Itinerary Highlights

Amazing fallings and reefs covered by unspoiled hard and soft corals, beautiful coral gardens, tunnels, caverns, caves, sharks: Hammerhead, Grey reef, Whitetip reef, Thresher, oceanic Whitetip reef. Whale sharks, Dolphins, turtles, Manta Rays and other fishes, including school of barracudas, napoleons, platax, groupers Etc.

The Diving Spots

  • The Brothers islands

    are located around 150 kms from Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam) and are classified as national park. The distance between Big and Little Brother is about 1 km. Their situation exposed to the currents is a meeting point of the large pelagic species that goes up from the depths, as well sharks. Without forgetting Numedia and Aïda, 2 particularly interesting wrecks to dive on the north of the Big Brother Island not far from the lighthouse.

  • Daedalus reef

    is a huge reef which is lying at about 200 kms south of Brother Islands, also classified as national park. The reef is surrounded by a deep wall full with an incredible variety of corals, fish and various marine life, featuring a plateau on its southern side. Often exposed to strong currents, the drift dives are favored and several dives are possible.

  • Rocky Island

    is located around 250 kms south of Daedalus reef. This protected island hides a fascinating reef, consisting of deep walls offering various varieties of corals, underwater trees, gorgonians, Etc. Due to its isolation and a quasi-permanent current, it seems that all the marine life of the Red Sea is concentrated there.

  • Zabargad Island

    About 1 km north of Rocky Island lies the island of Zabargad. Surrounded by a large turquoise lagoon, this uninhabited island is the largest of the Red Sea. In summer, the turtles come to lay eggs on the beach. Its beauty is absolutely spectacular. The underwater architecture is amazing. On the south side, a shallow plateau offers a magnificent coral garden and caves. The drop off offers you the opportunity to observe a large variety of fishes and it is also possible to dive the northeast side, where there is a small wreck in shallow water.

  • Located south of the Egyptian Red Sea

    the reefs that make up St. John's are part of the Elba National Park. You will be surprised by their unique architecture, their exceptionally rich and abundant wildlife. The whole area is filled with all types of marine life, from the smallest nudibranchs to the largest. Habili Ali and Habili Gafair offer sumptuous coral walls and all sorts of small and large pelagic. Gota Kebira, Gota Soraya or Dangerous Reef, for their magnificent plateaus and big pinnacles. Cave Reef is spectacular and unforgettable with its shallow cracks that open into small caverns.

  • South of Marsa Alam

    Fury Shoals collects several reefs like Shaab Malahi, Claudio or Maksour, all more colorful than the others. You can alternately explore caves, tunnels, coral gardens, trays and drop-offs.

  • Elphinstone reef

    is definitely the most famous reef in southern Egypt, even the Red Sea, located around 20 kms from Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam). The reef is extended in its northern and southern parts by 2 plateau which descend in steps towards the 60 m. The West and East sides are beautiful vertical drop-offs.

✪ Participation conditions ✪

AOWD or equivalent                        ✔ Minimum 50 dives logged.

Order and choice of sites announced in our liveaboard itineraries are not contractual. They can be changed according to climatic conditions, of condition of the sea and/or of decisions of the Egyptian authorities. These possible modifications are beyond our control. Our absolute priority remains however the security and the satisfaction of our guests.